Blog YIMBY Denver announces first round 2024 state candidate endorsements!

May 12, 2024

2024 Endorsements (3)

After an extensive review process by the YIMBY Denver Leads Council, and with ratification by dues-paying members, YIMBY Denver is proud to announce our first round of state candidate endorsements in the 2024 state elections.

In this first round of review, we focused on contested primaries and candidates who'd specifically requested an early review. We will have another round of reviews later in the year post-primaries.

In developing these recommendations, the Leads surveyed candidates with a questionnaire, reviewed the voting records of incumbents on this and last year's state bills, and considered the context of candidates' opponents, with a primary lens on housing and transportation policy. There were multiple races in which endorsements were not made.

Colorado is 325,000 housing units short of restoring balance and getting out of the historic housing shortage and according to city documents, it is illegal to build anything but a single-family home on 77% of all land zoned for housing in Denver.

Thankfully at the state level times are changing. Last year we saw the end of growth caps passed by the state legislature. This session we saw several bills that were passed: a prohibition on residential occupancy limits, a limit on minimum parking requirements, cause required for residential evictions, ADUs by right, and housing in transit-oriented communities.

We've seen this past week just how important a pro-housing legislature is--and that's why we need to elect/re-elect these housing champions.

Join us in supporting the following candidates:

SD18: Judy Amabile


SD19: Obi Ezeadi

Obi Edzadi

SD28: Mike Weissman

Mike Weissman

HD1: Javier Mabrey

Javier Mabrey

HD2: Steve Woodrow

Steve Woodrow

HD4: Tim Hernandez

Tim Hernandez

HD5: Alex Valdez

Alex Valdez

HD8: Lindsay Gilchrist

Lindsay Gilchrist

HD10: Junie Joseph

Junie Joseph

HD18: Amy Paschal

Amy Paschal

HD21: Liz Rosenbaum

Liz Rosenbaum

HD30: Rebekah Stewart

Rebekah Stewart

HD32: Manny Rutinel

Manny Rutinel

HD33: William Lindstedt

William Lindstedt

HD36: Bryan Lindstrom

Bryan Lindstrom

HD40: Naquetta Ricks

Naquetta Ricks

HD41: Iman Jodeh

Iman Jodeh

[with YIMBY Fort Collins] HD52: Ethnie Treik + Yara Zokaie

Ethnie Treick

Yara Zokaie