YIMBY Stands For Yes In My Back Yard

YIMBY Denver is a group of dedicated volunteers with full-time jobs. We are strongly supported by members of the community who donate not just their dollars, but also their time, knowledge, and skills.

Inspired by the work of similar groups around the country, YIMBY Denver was started in early 2017 by residents concerned about how restrictions on development were exacerbating the housing crisis in Denver.

In 2019, we formalized as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit in order to more effectively advance our housing and transportation advocacy. In June 2022, we became a chapter of YIMBY Action, led by President Ryan Keeney. You can stay involved by signing up for our newsletter or donating to our cause.

Outdated land use and transportation policy is keeping our city from reaching its full potential as a strong and inclusive place to live. Everyone who lives here should be able to stay. Everyone who moves here should be welcomed.

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