About Us

Our Values

Density is Good and Affordable Living is a Right


  • When we allow more residential development—of all sizes and character—we allow new residents to join our neighborhoods and existing residents to afford to stay.
  • When the supply of homes increases, it addresses the demand for more homes in Denver and relieves the pressure on rising housing costs.
  • Greater concentrations of residents attract more businesses and services to our communities—increasing options, opportunities, and quality of life for all.
  • Density supports more walkable, bikeable, and transit-rich neighborhoods, allowing Denverites to meet their daily needs without relying on a car.
  • When people of all backgrounds and incomes live close to one another, neighbors grow stronger bonds and communities thrive.


  • Encourage new home construction in all of Denver’s neighborhoods, for people and families of all income levels.
  • Put housing for people before “housing” (parking) for cars.
  • Plan for the Denver of tomorrow, not the Denver of today or yesterday.
  • Allow individuals and families to decide what a home means to them, whether it’s 300 square feet or 3,000.

The Freedom to Move is Essential


  • Dense cities demand efficient and reliable transit, walking, and biking options, and Denver deserves a better transportation network that supports and nurtures a growing city.
  • Owning a car should not be a prerequisite to living in Denver.
  • Traveling on foot, bike, and transit should not only be convenient, but safe, attractive, reliable, and cost-effective.
  • Public streets are for everyone’s use—not just those who drive and park their cars.
  • Reliable and efficient transit systems relieve residents of the significant financial burdens associated with car-dependency.

We advocate for plans, policies, projects, and programs that:

  • Prioritize pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders over cars.
  • Create safe and functional streets based on that prioritization.
  • Expand and enhance reliable transit options in Denver.
  • Eliminate subsidies for driving and car ownership.

16th Street Mall with Pedestrians

Anti-Growth Tendencies Exacerbate Gentrification and Displacement



  • Rising rental costs and home values have to be addressed by an increase in the supply of all types of homes.
  • When neighborhoods say “no” to home construction, they are denying current residents additional options for attainable homes, and denying newcomers a home in their desired neighborhood.

We advocate for plans, policies, projects, and programs that:

  • Expand affordable and market-rate home development throughout the city.
  • Achieve an equitable distribution of attainable homes in all of Denver’s neighborhoods.

Adding Density to Existing Neighborhoods is the Only Sustainable Growth


  • Denver will not stop growing, so we must choose if new residents will be accommodated within our existing neighborhoods, or at the sprawling fringes of our metro area.
  • Compact development, where residents have shared access to transportation, infrastructure, and city services, is more ecologically, environmentally, and fiscally sustainable.

We advocate for plans, policies, projects, and programs that:

  • Reduce our collective impact on the environment and its natural resources.
  • Incentivize the development of sustainable building forms that consume less of our resources.


When Neighborhoods say "Yes" to Homes and Businesses, Denver is Stronger

bluebird theater on colfax at night


  • Allowing residents to meet their daily needs without traveling long distances creates stronger bonds with neighbors, merchants, and other community members.
  • Vibrant neighborhoods with diverse businesses and services are able to support the needs of residents of all ages, and older adults can age in place.
  • Diverse and welcoming communities are thriving communities.

We advocate for plans, policies, projects, and programs that:

  • Promote mixed-use developments (homes, businesses, and community services).
  • Support diverse, mixed-income, mixed-tenure neighborhoods.
  • Encourage non-traditional housing arrangements, such as co-ops and community land trusts.

YIMBY Denver is a group of dedicated volunteers with full-time jobs. We are strongly supported by members of the community who donate not just their dollars, but also their time, knowledge, and skills.

Inspired by the work of similar groups around the country, YIMBY Denver was started in early 2017 by residents concerned about how restrictions on development were exacerbating the housing crisis in Denver.

In 2019, we formalized as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit in order to more effectively advance our housing and transportation advocacy. In June 2022, we became a chapter of YIMBY Action, led by President Ryan Keeney. You can stay involved by signing up for our newsletter or donating to our cause.

Outdated land use and transportation policy is keeping our city from reaching its full potential as a strong and inclusive place to live. Everyone who lives here should be able to stay. Everyone who moves here should be welcomed.