Blog YIMBY Denver Statement on Governor Polis’ State of the State

Jan. 17, 2023

“The YIMBY movement arose out of recognition that skyrocketing housing prices and rents across the country and across Colorado are driven by a lack of available housing. Since 2016, YIMBY Denver members have worked to spread our pro-housing message, advocating for abundant, affordable, sustainable and inclusive housing, and in late 2022 Fort Collins residents formed YIMBY Fort Collins to join the fight for attainable middle housing in Colorado.

We are ecstatic to hear Governor Polis wishes to place a large emphasis on housing in the 2023 legislative session. Our members look forward to supporting legislation that will not only help bring an end to Colorado’s housing shortage, but will help to address Colorado’s air quality and climate goals, make our communities stronger and more resilient, and protect and preserve Colorado’s natural beauty and natural resources. Everyone who wants to pursue opportunity in our great state should be able to do so. Everyone is welcome, no one should have to leave. Colorado is not full.”

Ryan Keeney, YIMBY Denver President, and Chris Conway and Kate Conley, YIMBY Fort Collins Leads