Blog YIMBY Denver Fall 2022 Ballot Guide

Oct. 5, 2022

YIMBY Denver has endorsed three ballot measures that advance our ideals of more housing for more people, and a more functional Denver.

We say Yes! In My Back Yard to Proposition 123 - Make Colorado Affordable. Dedicated funds for affordable housing are an important piece of the housing puzzle.

We say Yes! In My Back Yard to No Eviction Without Representation. Legal representation has been shown in other cities to prevent homelessness.

We say Yes! In My Back Yard to Denver Deserves Sidewalks. Sidewalks are a crucial piece of our infrastructure, stitching together our homes and parks and schools and businesses. This measure ensures that they are given the 1st-class treatment they deserve.

For the Denver election in spring 2023, we will be changing our endorsement process and polling our members about their opinions in every race. Housing is likely to be the #1 issue, and we want to make sure we have candidates who champion housing. Make your voice heard in these crucial races by becoming a member at .