Blog YIMBY Denver Applauds the Introduction of the More Housing Now Legislative Package

March 22, 2023

DENVER – YIMBY Denver applauds Governor Jared Polis and state lawmakers who today introduced the More Housing Now legislative package, which, if passed, will be one of the largest steps taken at the State level to address our housing affordability crisis and meet our climate goals.

“We are thrilled to see this bill in the Colorado State Legislature,” said Ryan Keeney, President of YIMBY Denver. “This legislation is a massive step in the right direction to addressing the housing shortage in our state and meeting our climate goals. Our members look forward to working with legislators to pass this bill and make Colorado a more affordable and inclusive place to live.”

Colorado’s housing shortage has priced too many out of our communities. Bans that harken back to redlining and racial covenants too often disallow housing that would be more affordable for low and middle-income people. By permitting housing of more shapes and sizes in existing neighborhoods and near transit, we allow for neighborhoods to become stronger and more resilient, creating opportunities for people of different income levels to thrive.

Cutting unnecessary red tape will re-legalize middle-class starter homes and workforce housing. Eliminating onerous and costly parking mandates will free cities and towns to build housing that is appropriate for the context in which it resides, is less expensive, and encourages more walkable neighborhoods.

This bill will be a major advancement on the path to meeting our state’s climate goals, as it tackles multiple major sources of emissions and environmental harm. By reigning in sprawl, it will improve Coloradans’ transportation options, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate local air pollution, and protect our citizens from growing climate disaster risk by minimizing development in wildfire zones. Legalizing more efficient housing types will reduce water consumption and energy use. The bill will also extend new protections to natural and working lands and habitats that are vital for climate resilience, preserving Colorado’s natural beauty and resources

YIMBY Denver was formed in 2016 out of a recognition that skyrocketing housing prices in Denver and across Colorado have been driven by exclusionary zoning laws that were designed to keep working-class and minority groups out of wealthier neighborhoods. YIMBY Denver’s members have spent the last 7 years fighting for solutions that legalize housing, fund affordable housing, increase housing stability, streamline permitting, and fix incentives.