Blog Endorsement Alert - YIMBY Denver Endorses Proposition 123 - Make Colorado Affordable

Oct. 5, 2022


We at YIMBY Denver think about housing a lot. It's entirely our thing. With that, we wholeheartedly endorse Proposition 123. Why?

Making housing affordable is a "Yes, and" problem which requires many changes. Yes, we need to make it possible to build more housing with less red tape, and Yes, we need to dedicate funding to support affordable housing. Housing affordability is a spectrum - everyone deserves a house, but some people need a little bit of support. Let's hear it from Dr Jenny Schuetz:


Proposition 123 supports those 20% who need help. That keeps people sheltered and not displaced from their community. It's a well-crafted bill targeting an important need. You can read more at Yes on 123.

Furthermore, Proposition 123 builds upon HB 22-1304, the Strong Communities law. This program provides incentives for re-learning how to build good walkable, accessible places for cities of 50 people to 500,000 people. Prop 123 prioritizes compact, environmentally-friendly communities. Any city worth its salt will be able to obtain funding from HB 22-1304 AND Prop 123. That's a very, very appealing carrot for a city wanting to improve housing affordability!