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Feb. 22, 2023

Today, YIMBY Denver, Denver’s leading advocacy organization for bringing an end to the housing shortage across the city, is announcing our endorsement of Mike Johnston for Mayor in the 2023 Denver Municipal Elections.

“For far too long, Denverites have suffered as rents have skyrocketed and the opportunities to purchase a home have become limited to only the wealthy few,” says Ryan Keeney, President of YIMBY Denver. “Mike Johnston’s housing and homelessness plans are the most comprehensive put out by any candidate in this race. As mayor, we are confident that Mike will be a champion for housing policies that will give Denver the chance to grow its housing supply, end homelessness, and create a sustainable, climate-friendly future for all Denverites.”

Denver is facing a housing crisis of its own making, and the city needs a new leader that is willing to prioritize good policies for Denver over politically safe decisions. Mike’s past work on Proposition 123, along with his support for the current plan for Park Hill Golf Course has made it clear that Mike is truly committed to his pro-housing platform, and will prioritize the housing needs of Denver’s poor and working class over the wishes of a vocal minority.

“As housing prices skyrocket and more and more Denverites are experiencing homelessness, Denver is facing a critical tipping point,” said Denver Mayoral Candidate Mike Johnston. “As Mayor, I will take immediate action to make housing more affordable and help people get off the streets and into stable, dignified housing. YIMBY Denver has been a leader in fighting for comprehensive and effective housing policies, and I’m honored to have their support. Together, I know we will make Denver a city where everyone can afford to live and thrive.”

Mike Johnston has a proven record of working to grow affordable housing for the residents of Colorado, investing in mobility solutions, and supporting working families throughout the state. It’s time for leadership in Denver that will prioritize making sure all residents can afford housing, and YIMBY Denver’s members are excited to get out the vote for Mike Johnston on April 4th.

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YIMBY Denver Endorses Mike Johnston For Denver Mayor

Mike Johnston joins our slate of endorsed city council candidates as having a proven track record and a visionary future for Denver.